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Updated: Jun 7


VetLed's ever-popular Veterinary Human Factors Conference is now in its fourth consecutive year. This year’s theme is 'CULTURE, PERFORMANCE, and WELLBEING.' And with so many veterinary professionals keenly aware of how much Human Factors concepts can help in a veterinary setting, tickets and speaker opportunities have been in high demand.


“With all the well-known strains in practice today, veterinary leaders know that workplace culture, team performance, and staff wellbeing are not just “nice-to-haves” but essential components of the most stable, happy, and successful veterinary teams.

Positive changes made in even one of these areas can have a huge impact on the practice team, the patients they treat and the pet carers.”

VetLed Managing Director, Cat Auden


VetLed's Jenny Guyat explains that these three pillars are the basis of many problems in practice:


“Whether it’s anxiety about clinical decision-making and confidence linking to Just Culture…or work-life balance challenges impacting on wellbeing…or job satisfaction linked to poor team dynamics, it really highlights the increasing need for Human Factors awareness and training at every level of the profession.”


During VetLed's journey to increase the application of Human Factors concepts in the veterinary profession, one of the major barriers was a lack of awareness. “What is Human Factors? And why does it matter to me?” However…once introduced to Human Factors, the benefits to patients and the veterinary team are unmistakable. Over the past 4 years, conference delegates' eyes have been opened as they realise that they have long been aware of Human Factors topics, but without knowing they were a field of learning in themselves, leading to feedback like…

“Light bulb moments” – VHFC 2021 delegate

“This should be compulsory… not only to vets and nurses, but also, importantly, to our practice managers.” – VHFC 2021 delegate


As a result of VetLed’s annual conference, the community of veterinary people engaging with Human Factors has grown drastically. Many conference attendees proactively seek bespoke support in their own practice with developing workplace culture, improving team performance and strategically increasing staff wellbeing.  Many delegates attend the Veterinary Human Factors Conference year on year and personally take the lead in applying Human Factors techniques in their practices. However, for those new to this field, it might not seem clear why Human Factors is so essential to every veterinary team. The conference is designed to answer this very question. The 2024 conference will have plenty of accessible introductory sessions, to help those who are initially curious but, as yet, unconvinced, to develop their knowledge and passion. These will contain essential take-homes and practical tips that can be implemented immediately. There will also be sessions that go a step further, inspiring thought and live discussion, creating action points for longer-term workplace goals, and promoting learning from other safety-critical industries.


The three extensive streams in the 2024 conference schedule include sessions from the full VetLed team and Human Factors experts, ergonomists, and industry leaders, including Steven Shorrock (Chartered Ergonomist), Malcolm Morley (BVA), Catherine Oxtoby (VDS), Gareth Lock (The Human Diver), and Rosie Allister (Trainer in Veterinary Mental Health, Wellbeing, and Suicide Prevention).


The Veterinary Human Factors Conference 2024 is set to ignite change in our profession – VetLed has led the change this far, and with the widespread call for change getting louder, it’s time to act! #IgnitingChange


The 2024 conference takes place virtually from 09.00 to 18.00 GMT on 22nd and 23rd February 2024. Tickets are available via this link.




For further information, please contact:

Cat Auden MRCVS, 07817 697192

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