VetLed Civility Saves Live Campaign

In a recent poll conducted by VetLed, we found that 97% of you have been on the receiving end of incivility in your practice.

Our workplace can at times feel stressful and is a high-pressure working environment where (quite literally) we have lives in our hands?

Incivility has been shown to affect the quality of our work, our willingness to work and how we continue to relate to our colleagues [Porath and Pearson 2013]


Early indications in the veterinary profession suggest that the statistics are very similar to that of human healthcare. When we consider the impact of incivility on our work, our patients, our willingness to help, and even our likelihood of choosing to remain in our job, the statistics are eye-opening…

As part of VetLed’s ongoing mission to support safe, efficient and effective veterinary care, we believe that each and every member of the veterinary team deserves to work in a place that promotes civility.

In developing the VetLed Civility Saves Lives campaign, we invite you to join us on this mission.

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Incivility can impact both patient safety and the welfare of our team members and therefore we must address it. ​


Our teams and our patients depend on us to take civility seriously.

We invite you to promote an awareness of the power of civility in your practice.

We have produced a Civility Saves Lives Campaign pack which is free to download below, including a letter from the VetLed team, campaign summary and guidance and posters for your practice.

"Almost all excellence in healthcare is dependent on teams… civility between team members creates that sense of safety and is a key ingredient of great teams.


Incivility robs teams of their potential.”


Civility Saves Lives

VetLed Civility Training Courses

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VetLed Civility Saves Lives Programme

VetLed are currently running “Civility in Veterinary Practice” courses for any individual to attend (half price if booked in July!).

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Practice Civility Training Programme

We also offer in-practice Civility Training for the whole team which includes two safety culture surveys of your team, bespoke training sessions and practical support from our team for 6 months.


Contact us to discuss your practice needs further.

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This campaign is a part of VetLed’s ongoing mission to support safe, efficient and effective veterinary care. If you have any questions about VetLed and our work then please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!



Porath and Pearson (2013); The price of incivility; Harvard Business Review; https://hbr.org/2013/01/the-price-of-incivility