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We combine industry experience and expertise from within the veterinary profession and beyond, with our unique team of coaches, trainers, psychologists, front-line vets, and nurses.

We also engage with other experts in a wide range of fields such as aviation and the medical profession.



Training Director

As a former international athlete and coach, airline pilot, and Human Factors trainer, Dan provides a wealth of experience across numerous disciplines. Drawing on these insights, Dan now brings his expertise to veterinary teams, delivering profession-relevant Human Factors training.

Across all fields, Dan has consistently observed positive change as a direct result of non-technical factors such as leadership, communication, well-being and in particular positive organisational culture.

Dan greatly enjoys developing his knowledge across a wide range of subjects which he believes contribute to human performance. He has recently completed courses in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Positive Psychology and Process Communication Model.


Managing Director

Cat is a veterinary surgeon who combines her experience in practice with a passion for optimising clinical performance.

Cat loves to show veterinary teams how understanding Human Factors is imperative to performing at our best as clinicians. She believes that to give our patients the best care, we need to understand how we work, why we work, and how making small adjustments can make a big difference… to ourselves, our teams and our patients.

Cat is keen to see how we can grow and develop as a profession through learning from and collaborating with other caring yet safety-critical professions and has a particular interest in the concept of psychological safety in the workplace and its impact on team performance.



Research and Development Director

Helen is a registered veterinary nurse with more than 20 years of experience. As part of her MSc in Patient Safety and Clinical Human Factors at the University of Edinburgh, Helen researched situational awareness in the veterinary operating theatre.  She is currently working towards a PhD in Clinical Human Factors.

Helen is passionate about developing the veterinary profession's understanding of Human Factors as a powerful aid in improving patient safety, enhancing performance and supporting the wellbeing of the veterinary team. She is an RCVS Knowledge Champion for her role in the sustained training and use of a surgical safety checklist within the small animal theatre at the former Animal Health Trust.


Head of Partnerships

Laura has worked in the veterinary space for over 10 years both in analytics and also more creatively through various entrepreneurial start-ups.  Laura brings her expertise in many areas building our network and developing relationships with our clients.

Laura delights in talking to people from all backgrounds about how we can create meaningful change within the veterinary profession.

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DISC certified coach

Louise is an equine vet, career coach, resilience practitioner and accredited DISC trainer.  She is passionate about supporting vets and nurses to take proactive steps to thrive in our industry through coaching and training.


Louise graduated from Glasgow University in 2001 and has 20 years' experience in first opinion and referral equine practice in addition to locum work. She holds a certificate in Equine Orthopaedic Surgery, a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching and is a Resilience Practitioner.

Louise is a positive and empathetic coach with a wealth of lived experience. She is an accredited DISC trainer and can provide DISC personality profiling to develop an awareness of preferred communication and behavioural styles.


Strategic Director

Ru is a qualified veterinary surgeon who combines her love for animals with a dedication to helping the people who care for them. She believes that creating compassionate culture that continually strives to improve standard of care, reduce error and enhance employee wellbeing, will build effective teams, improve patient care, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Ru has a special interest in teamwork and high performance and is currently studying for her Professional Certificate in Coaching accredited through Henley Business School and The University of Reading. Ru is passionate about creating a community that champions individual wellbeing, care and compassion. Above all, she is dedicated to building great veterinary culture with a focus on authenticity, purpose and values.

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