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Our Mission

To continually enhance the performance of veterinary teams by leading the application of Veterinary Human Factors.

At VetLed, we consult, educate, and train the veterinary professions in essential skills for increased performance in practice, improved patient safety, team wellbeing, workplace culture and better systems and processes.

We recognise the unique challenges faced by the people within the profession, and so we work with you as individuals, teams and organisations, to understand your situation and to place Human Factors at the centre of veterinary practice.  We are passionate about making the veterinary world a happier, healthier and safer place for the people and the patients.  Human Factors is essential to this.

Our Values

1. We walk our talk

At VetLed, we do things right.  We have a long-term vision and desire for sustainable change within the profession, and we know that kind of change doesn't happen overnight.  We're here for the journey: the highs, the lows, the wins, the challenges...and all the in-betweens! We want to be a catalyst for real change in the veterinary profession, and we will do so with integrity and authenticity. AT VetLed, we speak about things like empathy, compassion, wellbeing, culture...and we live by those teachings in how we work with our clients, and how VetLed itself runs!

2. We go where there is no path and leave a trail...

At VetLed, we don’t just transfer information from other industries; we are passionate about cross-industry learning; we use our time and experience in clinical veterinary practice to translate Human Factors principles into practical, relevant, and immediately applicable training. We are innovative and progressive - you won't catch us doing things for the sake of it!  We are brave and assured in our purpose to support change within the veterinary profession, and we are paving a new way of working for veterinary practices around the world.

3. We treat others as they would like to be treated

Everyone is unique.  At VetLed, we understand, appreciate, and celebrate that people are different, and we think about the needs and preferences of others.   We practice empathy, and compassion, and go a step beyond treating people like WE would like to be treated. Instead, we treat them as THEY would like to be treated.

4. We are a team who value our people and their individuality

You've heard the saying, "Teamwork makes the dream work" but, at VetLed, our team aren't just dream-makers.  They are our everything!  Without our team, we wouldn't be able to do the incredible work we do, so we make sure we put our people first and prioritise their well-being.   As human beings (not robots!) we are all unique individuals, with unique needs - just like you.  We take time to understand each other and our different strengths, and we celebrate our differences.  That's how we create magic!

5. We act consistently; with authenticity and integrity

It's something easily said, but not always so easy to do. Just as we walk our talk, we also walk our walk.   That means, putting one foot in front of the other, even when the going gets tough.  With consistency - and a bit of determination - we can achieve great things. We have built a reputation as trusted leaders within the veterinary profession, by behaving with integrity and in accordance with our values and beliefs.

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