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The VetLed HALT Campaign champions safe, efficient and effective veterinary care. HALT is an acronym that has been used in numerous contexts for decades. It serves as a simple tool that places the spotlight on some of the physical and mental elements commonly affecting wellbeing and performance: 

H ungry and/or Thirsty
A nxious and/or Angry
L ate and/or Lonely
T ired

Why H.A.L.T?

Whilst aspects within HALT might seem obvious, the reality of the human condition is that we don’t always do what we know we should. Often the instinctive need to achieve the current goal beats the logical intention to stay hydrated, take a break or take time to address sources of stress. Combine this with social pressure such as team members (especially leaders/managers) not taking their breaks, and it’s inevitable that ‘pushing on regardless’ then becomes the cultural norm.

This campaign is a part of VetLed’s ongoing mission to support safe, efficient and effective veterinary care. If you have any questions about VetLed and our work then please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!


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