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At VetLed, we believe that looking after your team is paramount. Ultimately, a well-cared-for and supported team look after your business and improves the veterinary care that you provide.  


We regularly produce and promote campaigns that we hope will improve the welfare of veterinary professionals and improve veterinary care in the UK and beyond.

You can explore our campaigns and their resources by clicking on the campaign logos below.

VetLed HALT take a break campaign Hungry Anxious Lonely Tired


The VetLed HALT Campaign champions safe, efficient and effective veterinary care.  Using the acronym HALT we explore this simple tool that places the spotlight on some of the physical and mental elements commonly affecting wellbeing and performance.


The VetLed Safe To Speak Up campaign champions Psychological Safety in the workplace.

"Psychological safety has been identified as key differentiator between higher and lower performing teams in studies of professionals in a variety of industries. ”

VetLed Safe to Speak up campaign logo


The importance of civility cannot be understated.  This campaign raises awareness of the negative impact that incivility can have and provides immediately applicable tools to challenge incivility and provide real solutions for the whole team going forward.

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