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Join our monthly membership program and transform your veterinary workplace

Hungry for change?
You've come to the right place.

Here at VetLed, we're in the business of change. 


Not the kind of change that only lasts for the week after a seminar. 


Not the kind of change that no one has time to implement.

Meaningful, tangible, and lasting change.  

Over the past few years, VetLed have had the pleasure of working with many different types of veterinary practices on a regular and ongoing basis. We have seen first-hand just how transformative our consistent and ongoing support can be.

That's why we have launched our new VetLed Membership. 


If you're serious about improving your team culture, leadership skills, systems and processes and patient safety, you won't find a better offering in the veterinary profession today. 

We've seen clinics turn around their team culture and dynamic, increase their understanding of each other, and improve psychological safety, communication, and civility between team members all of which, in turn, have improved customer care and patient safety within these clinics.

Are you looking to...

Reduce stress and improve wellbeing

Build a culture of psychological safety

Increase team cohesiveness and trust

Improve team performance

Support your leaders and hone their skills

Develop new leaders from within your existing team

Improve patient safety

Improve systems and processes

Improve team performance

In a nutshell

Benefits of VetLed annual membership including workshops, observation days, conference tickets, and online learning sessions
Discover the modules

Our VetLed Membership consists of a mix of self-directed online learning, in-person workshops, observation days and application sessions to ensure everyone within the workplace is adequately supported when working with us.

When commencing your membership, you will select four modules from our module menu to form your personalised membership package. 


Don't worry if you aren't sure which modules to choose - we can help you decide what is most appropriate for your situation!

Look through our membership modules by clicking the numbers below.

Human Factors + High-Performing Teams
  • Understanding High Performing Veterinary Teams

  • Human Capabilities + Limitations

  • Understanding + Managing Human Fallibility

  • VetLed Membership

    Every month
    Join our comprehensive Human Factors support programme
    Valid for 12 months
    • 1 x Strategy Session (via Zoom)
    • 4 x Practice Observation Days
    • 4 x Full-Day Workshops
    • 8 x 60-Minute Online Training Sessions
    • 4 x Accountability/Application sessions
    • 4 x Complimentary VHFC tickets
    • 10% discount on VetLed Programme bookings
    • 15% discount on VHFC tickets for your staff
    • Priority booking on all VetLed campaign CPDs
    • Special rate DISC profiling for your team members

All this for less than the cost of a

single-day workshop each month!

Please note: Minimum 12 months membership. For practices with >50 team members, additional workshops and observation days are necessary, and a large practice surcharge applies. Please contact us for further details.

Want to be part of the next intake of VetLed memberships?



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