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The VetLed Veterinary Human Factors Conference
22nd and 23rd February 2024

Change-makers assemble!

The annual Veterinary Human Factors Conference, run by VetLed, is known in the veterinary profession as one of "the most innovative and forward-thinking conferences around!"

So, we're incredibly excited to bring you the Veterinary Human Factors Conference 2024, taking place virtually on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2024, with the theme:

Culture Performance Wellbeing

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What can you expect from the 2024 conference?

This year's virtual conference focusses on the core pillars of Culture, Performance, and Wellbeing. Together, we’ll ignite change, empower our community, and champion excellent patient care without compromising on the health and wellbeing of veterinary teams.


You can expect:

- A deeper understanding of why Culture, Performance, and Wellbeing are essential facets of successful veterinary practice, and paramount to patient outcomes and patient safety.

Practical take-home frameworks and tools that will positively change your practice/organisation.

- Collaborative discussions with like-minded veterinary people bringing diverse skills, experience, and expertise.

- Opportunities to gain real-time benefits by posing your questions to the experts.

- A combination of formats, from discussion groups, lectures, expert panels, and Q and A sessions.

- Highly popular and productive networking sessions with diverse delegates and experts from inside and outside the veterinary profession.

- Nearly THIRTY-EIGHT HOURS of CPD that you can access whenever you like, from wherever you work best. Our virtual setup is more sustainable, better value for money, and means that you can avoid the potential overwhelm of the busy conference floor while still being part of the movement.

We recognise that it can be difficult to allow 2 full days for CPD and so ALL content is recorded and available on replay for 6 months after conference day.

Unique in its place within the veterinary profession, the conference brings together speakers, academics, educators, practising vets, and veterinary nurses around the table of Human Factors.

Want to join us? Secure your ticket now!

How can you get hold of a ticket?


Whats on the programme?

Our programme is filling up further day by day, as our amazing speakers confirm their talks. Check back here regularly to see what's new!

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Praise for The VetLed Veterinary Human Factors Conference
Lacey Pitcher RVN with a labrador. Vet Nurse Times Editor

Just wanted to check in and say thank you and congratulations. 
As a team, VetLed pulled off a brilliantly inspiring conference with a real sense of not only community but a movement for change.

Lacey Pitcher RVN, Mind Matters Initiative

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