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The VetLed Veterinary Human Factors Conference

Change-makers assemble!

The annual Veterinary Human Factors Conference, run by VetLed, is known in the veterinary profession as one of "the most innovative and forward-thinking conferences around!"

The Veterinary Human Factors Conference 2024 took place virtually on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2024, with the theme:

Culture Performance Wellbeing

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But there's still time to get hold of a post-conference ticket and access over 30 hours of recorded conference content! Get your ticket

If you missed out on VHFC 2024...

If you missed out on attending this year, don't worry, you don't have to miss out! Post-conference tickets are still available, so you can access all of the conference content with six months of replays! Just check out the amazing sessions below...

Thurs prog.png
Fri prog.png

Want to see what everyone's talking about? 

Secure your post-conference ticket now!

Praise for The VetLed Veterinary Human Factors Conference
Lacey Pitcher RVN with a labrador. Vet Nurse Times Editor

Just wanted to check in and say thank you and congratulations. 
As a team, VetLed pulled off a brilliantly inspiring conference with a real sense of not only community but a movement for change.

Lacey Pitcher RVN, Mind Matters Initiative

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