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Want to connect in person?

Now's your chance!

Join us at the Veterinary Patient Safety Summit 2024 on Friday 11th October where the theme is Beyond Error: Cultivating a Culture of Patient Safety

A Global Leader in Veterinary Human Factors

We're sure you'll agree that there are huge challenges currently faced by our profession: retention, poor workplace culture, job dissatisfaction, burnout, and more.
These things cannot simply be resolved by improving our clinical skills. The majority of veterinary teams are outstandingly well-equipped with clinical knowledge and ability.
These clinical and technical skills are essential for doing our jobs well, but, as demonstrated under the pressure of Covid-19, these skills alone cannot address many of the challenges that we face.

At VetLed, we believe passionately that a Human Factors approach is a significant part of a long-term and sustainable solution to the challenges that our profession faces today.

With its long-established evidence base, Human Factors embraces everything non-clinical that supports High Performance – culture, communication, leadership, non-technical skills, continuous learning, psychological safety and much more.  

What does VetLed do?

We provide knowledge, training and consultancy in both Human Factors and Performance Science, on topics which are pertinent to the reliable delivery of clinical and technical skills, for safe patient care and for a thriving business.

We educate and empower veterinary professionals and leaders at every level to bring out the best in their organisations, teams and people.

We speak at events, both in the UK and internationally, on the topics of Human Factors and Performance Science.

How can VetLed support you and your team?

Here at VetLed, we can support you no matter what stage you're at in incorporating Human Factors into your workplace. Scroll through the guide below to find your next step with VetLed...

Where will VetLed be in 2024?

We've got so many exciting events and milestones coming up in 2024, so if you want to catch up with us, here's where we'll be and what we'll be doing... (scroll down - there's more!)

How can VetLed support me
VetLed Come and Join us


of adverse events in veterinary primarily relate to challenges within the field of Human Factors.

Oxtoby et al, 2015


of respondents in an RCVS Mind Matters survey in 2021 agreed, or strongly agreed, that bullying and incivility was a serious problem within the profession.

Survey, MMI 2021


The percentage of preventable hospital deaths which have been described as "due to communication errors".

Joint Commission of Healthcare Organisations, 2010

Lacey Pitcher RVN and a labrador

Just wanted to check in and say thank you and congratulations. 
As a team, VetLed pulled off a brilliantly inspiring conference with a real sense of not only community but a movement for change.

Lacey Pitcher RVN, Mind Matters Initiative



The Veterinary Patient Safety Forum was established by VetLed in October 2020. It comprises a group of veterinary professionals (vets, nurses, veterinary educators, researchers and those working in veterinary organisations) who meet monthly as individuals with a special interest and/or expertise in the area of veterinary patient safety, with the aim of raising awareness around Veterinary Patient Safety within the profession.

The group is voluntary; members receive and bring no financial benefits to the group.  The VPSF meets monthly to discuss matters of patient safety relating to the veterinary professions, to debate and discuss issues, to offer a credible voice to the profession on patient safety topics, including matters of policy.  The VPSF works together to create content and research on topics surrounding veterinary patient safety. 

For further information about the group please contact Cat Auden by using the button below.


The annual Veterinary Patient Safety Summit returns on Wednesday, 8th November 2023, hosted by VetLed. Following the success of last year's founding event, we're excited to announce that this year's summit will be at Harper Keale Vet School and will facilitate the collaboration of human factors experts, patient safety leaders and advocates, front-line innovators, and academics from across the profession.
Building on our aims from last year's summit, we'll be focussing on maintaining the momentum in promoting patient safety conversations and sharing thoughts and learnings regarding the importance of Just Culture.

If you would like to be invited to attend, please register your interest below.


VetLed: Experts in Veterinary Human Factors

In order for your practice team to perform at their best and deliver excellent care for patients, clinical skills alone are not enough. To optimise care, clinical skills should be supplemented with non-technical Human Factors training.

Don't let your practice miss out on these vital veterinary skills!

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