'Vet Mentors’ is a resource for you in the veterinary profession, to provide inspiration, encouragement or just an interesting read. We identify an eclectic mix of veterinary professionals from clinical and non-clinical backgrounds and ask them the same set of 10 questions that encompass career, personal development, health and mindfulness. The intention of this resource is to provide a practical toolkit that vets and others can use in their day to day life. Whether that be how to manage disappointment, optimise your work performance or tips for prioritising your health, there is guaranteed to be a gem of information in here for you.

At VetLed, we are committed to advancing the future of the veterinary profession, by supporting the individuals driving change and innovations. 

To bring you Vet Mentors, we have collaborated with Lawrence Brown, veterinary surgeon and commercial consultant. Lawrence is motivated by use of investment and innovation to optimise animal health and welfare. In his spare time he is studying for an Executive MBA at the University of Edinburgh and is an elected member of the BVA's Scottish Council.

We are all motivated to inspire and support the veterinary profession and have all personally benefited from the positive influence of mentors throughout our careers, and from reading numerous personal development and leadership books and blogs. On a mission to provide a useful resource specifically for the veterinary profession, Lawrence was inspired by the idea of capturing and collating the lessons from his mentors learnt during their careers, and intrigued to discover what advice and insights they would pass on to their peers. The concept of Vet Mentors was born and VetLed were excited to collaborate with Lawrence to help bring this to life.