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Culture:Performance:Wellbeing Series

“A natural next step if you’ve been inspired by our conference or one of our workshops.”

  • Starts 13 Sept
  • 478.80 British pounds
  • Online Course

Available spots

What to expect

It can be lonely flying the flag for workplace culture, non-clinical skills and Human Factors in practice… Join our exclusive interactive workshop series designed to enhance your knowledge, connect you with like-minded peers, and help you apply VetLed training to your own practice challenges. Over three half-day sessions, you'll gain invaluable insights into Human Factors influencing workplace culture, team performance, patient safety, and well-being in veterinary settings. Course Highlights: - Live, online interactive learning led by our experienced Chartered Ergonomist and Psychologist - Practical strategies for improving teamwork and communication - Tools to enhance patient care and team efficiency - How to communicate your understanding to the rest of your team. - Over 12 hours of CPD! “A natural next step if you’ve been inspired by our conference or one of our workshops.” “An intimate and supportive group to discuss your own challenges and ask your questions directly to the experts” Don't miss this opportunity to transform your practice. Register now!

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

The following terms and conditions relate to all work booked and engaged with VetLed by the ‘Client’ unless mutually agreed in writing prior to commencement. 1. Period The terms and conditions will remain in force from the date of the booking until cancellation, in writing. 2. Fees The fees cover work for the Client whether carried out on his/her premises or elsewhere, as specified separately. All fees and expenses are subject to VAT, currently 20%. 3. Payment Terms Invoices will be submitted on completion of the specified work (or in stages if agreed prior to the work being carried out). Payment will be due within 30 days of the invoice date. A 5% per month charge will be incurred for any delayed payments. 4. Cancellations and Postponements If, for any reason, you have to cancel or postpone an agreed booking, this should be notified in writing, and the cancellation fees will apply as set out in the table below. However, if the particular work of the same or higher value were re-booked at this time for a date within 6 months, then this will be treated as a postponement and a reduced scale of fees will be applied. 5. Force Majeure VetLed will use its best endeavours to carry out the contract as agreed, but shall not be liable for the loss (whether direct or consequential) suffered by the Client, in the event of VetLed being unable to complete the work in whole or in part due to matters beyond its reasonable control. This shall include (but shall not be confined to) illness, strikes, lock outs or other labour disputes, shortage of materials, accident or breakdown of motor vehicle or other forms of transport (including public transport), errors made by hotel staff or similar in making booking arrangements, other delays in travel, riot, civil unrest or war. 6. Variation Any variations must be agreed and confirmed in writing in advance of the delivery date by both parties. 7. Confidentiality VetLed shall not disclose, publish or authorise others to publish any reports or information pertaining to the agreed contract with the Client, without prior written approval of the Client. 8. Copyright VetLed retain the copyright in any reports or manuals or other materials that might be supplied, unless specific agreement is made in writing to assign any rights to the Client. 9. Replacement Representatives Where a specific representative is scheduled to deliver a particular piece of work and is unable to fulfil this commitment, VetLed will make every effort to replace him / her with another experienced VetLed representative subject to the agreement of the Client. Where representatives cannot be replaced, there will be no charge for the work involved or for any agreed re-arrangement and delivery of the original commitment. Cancellation Postponement Less than 2 weeks 100% Between 4 & 2 weeks 50% More than 4 weeks No Charge

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