The T in HALT #2: Managing fatigue

Research shows that being awake for over 16 hours has the same impact on your reactions as being over the drink drive limit.

HALT is primarily a tool to raise awareness and help you to notice what's going on for you.

When it comes to tiredness, taking a break will give you a chance to detach and boost pleasant emotions, to take a walk and stimulate bloodflow or to rehydrate/refuel... but sometimes maybe that's not enough. If HALT helps you to notice fatigue due to cumulative sleep deprivation or unmanageable shift patterns then it serves as a great opportunity to make self-care a priority and do something about it.

Putting yourself first like this is at the heart of our HALT campaign. It's the most selfless thing you can do when it comes to offering care for your patients and support for your team members.

Our HALT campaign aims to promote self-care and wellbeing across our profession. To join the campaign and to request your HALT support pack please contact us at