The T in HALT #1: Taking breaks

T is for tired…tiredness can cause an array of problems; it can slow you down, reduce your alertness and your ability to concentrate and focus.

Being tired doesn't necessarily mean you're fatigued or even that you haven't had enough sleep, it could just mean you need a short break. Dr Mike Farquhar, Consultant in Sleep Medicine at Evelina, Guy’s and St Thomas’ has kindly been in discussion with VetLed and provided invaluable insight and support to ensure that our campaigns and messages are closely aligned.

In Dr Farquhar’s words…

“Breaks are not a luxury, especially when doing busy or intense night work. Regular rest is essential to ensure safe, effective patient care to the best of our ability. The HALT campaign emphasises that, unless critically ill patients require your immediate attention, our patients are always better served by clinicians who have had appropriate periods of rest during their shifts.”

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