Hello to our next Vet Mentor, Scott Kilpatrick!

Following graduation from Edinburgh in 2007, Scott worked for the PDSA and Vets Now before starting his residency at the University of Edinburgh in 2012, obtaining his European Diploma in Small Animal Internal Medicine in 2017. Scott has also completed a Master’s Degree looking in to the pathogenesis of canine liver disease.

He is interested in all aspects of internal medicine, but particularly in disease affecting the gastrointestinal system. His true love is his Miniature Dachshund Frankie.


Tell us about a daily habit or routine you practice that contributes to your productivity and fulfillment?

Taking the time to talk to clients about what is worrying them… asking the question… what are YOU most worried about?


What was a major setback that you learnt the most from, or actually turned out to be a success?

I think that becoming too involved with cases/owners can sometimes be seen as a weakness/disadvantage. I have learned to be empowered by the relationships that I have with my patients and clients. I am open and honest with them and this results with them having a better relationship with me. It is OK to cry, even in front of clients. We are all human.


When you start to doubt your own ability, or are having 'a bad day at the office', how do you get back on track?

I keep a box on my desk of cards and little things that clients have given me. I also keep a lot of photos of patients too. Looking at these sorts of things helps. I lean a lot of my colleagues. Especially the nursing team. Spending time with my children and going for a walk also helps.


What have you got better at saying no to? How did you realise this and how has it benefitted you?

This is not a great question for me at the moment. I have left my current job because it has ultimately consumed too much of me and my life. I have struggled to say no and am suffering the consequences of that. I am taking 6 months off to spend with my kids and re balance a bit. I need some tips on saying no as I will need to get better at this!


If you could gift a book to all vets at graduation, what would it be, and why?

Trust me, I'm a (Junior) Doctor!


Tell us about something you are currently a fan of?

I am a bit fan of my new Mini Cooper!


What purchase of less the £100 has most positively impacted your life in the last 12 months?

I registered to a weekly flower delivery service… that gives me a lot of joy!


What advice would you give veterinary graduates about to begin their careers?

I think being a vet is great… but it is also really hard at times. Enjoy what you are doing. Remember how special you are and what an amazing job you are doing.


What is the worst bit of advice you hear regularly in our profession? Why do you feel it is bad advice?

‘It’s going to be OK’

This is really easy for people to say but does not really help the person that it is being said to. Especially when this is being said by a member of management. I would rather people said ‘I know it is not OK’… let’s talk about that.


If you could send a single text to every vet around the world simultaneously, what would it say?

Take time for something non-veterinary today...go for a walk.


Have you been inspired by someone in your career? Or know someone in the veterinary profession who has made a positive impact on you?

There are no strict criteria for contributors or mentors, other than that they are positive, supportive members of our profession.

If someone you know springs to mind, or you have any feedback or ideas relating to our Vet Mentors project, please get in touch - info@vetled.co.uk