Championing everyday wellbeing in practice: The VetLed HALT Campaign

HALT…take a break. Do you sometimes work long hours without taking a break?

At VetLed, as part of our mission to enhance performance in practice, we are raising awareness of issues critical to veterinary physical and mental wellbeing. As part of our mission to support safe, efficient and effective veterinary care, we are excited to introduce to you our VetLed HALT campaign! Our HALT campaign, which launched on National Sleep day March 16 2018, provides guidance materials which act as a reminder to pause and observe elements key to wellbeing, followed by simple steps and strategies.

Our VetLed HALT Campaign was inspired by the great work at Guy’s and St Thomas’ (GSTT) NHS Foundation Trust. The GSTT HALT campaign was initiated last year to create a “take a break culture” and improve the health and wellbeing of staff within the trust ( Following their success, the GSTT HALT campaign has been adopted by a number of other NHS Trusts.

Dr Mike Farquhar, Consultant in Sleep Medicine at Evelina, Guy’s and St Thomas’ has kindly been in discussion with VetLed and provided invaluable insight and support to ensure that our campaigns and messages are closely aligned.

In Dr Farquhar’s words…

If you are Hungry/Thirsty, Anxious/Angry, Late/Lonely or Tired you are less productive and it might be difficult to make decisions effectively. Even just a short break gives us the chance to take a breather and to replenish energy levels by eating or having a drink, physically resting or just giving ourselves a mental pause.

As well as being vital for health and wellbeing, taking breaks is also important for our patients as it helps us to be in a good state to make the best decisions. Our HALT Campaign is aligned with the RCVS Mind Matters Initiative and supported by an amazing veterinary organisations: Progressive Vet Consulting, Vetsnet, Simply Locums, Vet Harmony, Onswitch, Explore Vets, Emerge Veterinary, Ed Vet, The Vet Service and The University of Nottingham.

The VetLed HALT Campaign encourages you to focus on your health and wellbeing so that you can be at your best and offer more to your colleagues and patients. You can find out more about the campaign – and request your free VetLed HALT Campaign Support Pack here: