veterinary teams to reliably deliver their clinical skills

Human Factors. Patient Safety.  


Checklists and Briefings. Safety Reporting. Just Culture. Team Dynamics. Wellbeing.   

The list goes on… all buzz words in and around the veterinary profession at the moment. 

But what does this mean for you and for your team?

Why should Human Factors training matter to me and my Veterinary team?

We are good at looking after our patients but don't always apply the same care to ourselves and/or to each other. 

I want our Practice to learn from mistakes and near miss events but the team seem worried they will just get blamed. 

I see the value in surgical checklists but I'm worried I won't get support from my whole team.

Cognitive limitations and poor non-technical skills, both key elements within Human Factors, have been shown to cause the majority of errors in veterinary practice. 

We are able to lead your learning in this area as well as providing solutions to help embed this into long-term, sustainable practice.

Surgical checklists are evidence based tools which have been proven to positively impact patient safety.

We provide support and training that links science with behaviour to ensure that you sustainably embed the effective use of checklists into your daily practice.

Sustainable high performance has its basis in learning and improvement. A key factor in this is reporting; positive events as well as concerns, near misses and incidents. However, this can be compromised if there is a fear of blame.

We help you to understand the issues that can lead to a blame culture and support your Practice to develop a fair and learning, or a 'just', culture.

Self-care and team support are essential for our own health and wellbeing which in turn is fundamental to performance.

​We offer workshops and provide support for teams and individuals in areas such as stress management, organisational resilience and everyday wellbeing. 

We provide tailor-made training courses and support to enhance team performance and deliver sustainable improvements to patient safety and care.  

Application of Human Factors training lays the foundation to effectively apply your veterinary specific expertise and optimise outcomes for your team, your patients and your Practice.

Want to know what those who have already been on some of our courses think? 


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