The Veterinary Human Factors Conference Friday 26th February 2021

Our performance as veterinary professionals is impacted by more than simply our clinical or technical capabilities alone...


The study of Human Factors is an established discipline that utilises scientific knowledge about the human body, mind and behaviour to better understand our fundamental capabilities and limitations and ultimately to create the best possible fit between the people in our teams and the environment in which they work.

Factors such as stress and fatigue, barriers to communication and cognitive processing are examples of Human Factors that can prevent the knowledge, skills and good intentions of our veterinary teams from achieving their intended outcomes.

Clinical outcomes are impacted by our actions and our decisions. But why do we make these decisions, and are they always the best decision for the patient?

Bringing together world-renowned experts for the first ever veterinary-specific Human Factors Conference, we will help you to answer questions such as these. Book your ticket HERE today.


Hear the latest cutting-edge research

Research, collaboration and community are integral to furthering our understanding of Human Factors in veterinary medicine.

Therefore, we are delighted to host a diverse programme of abstract presentations and TED talks from researchers, alongside veterinary professionals in practice. Going live Thursday 25th February, ahead of the full conference programme.

From the latest cutting-edge research to first-hand experience of implementing Human Factors tools in the workplace, these exclusive sessions will give you an insight into the forefront of Human Factors within veterinary medicine.

We will help you explore why Human Factors matter in Veterinary Medicine, and how you can help to lead the change in your workplace

Join us live on Friday 26th February for the main event: The Veterinary Human Factors Conference 2021. Spanning two virtual streams, with a mix of seminars, panels and interactive workshops, we will look at everything from workplace culture and safe communication, to patient safety tools, cognitive thinking, high performance teams and human capabilities and limitations. 

The entire conference will be hosted online, meaning you can take part at a time and place that suits you - although we encourage you to join live to take part in the conversation. All sessions will be available for a year after the event so you can catch up on anything you've missed, amounting to over 10 hours of CPD. 

The Veterinary Human Factors Conference

Don't miss our incredible Keynote Talk with Martin Bromiley OBE! 

"In 2005 Martin Bromiley’s late wife died needlessly during a routine hospital procedure. A subsequent independent review identified that a well-equipped operating theatre and a team of clinicians all technically skilled, had failed to respond appropriately to an unanticipated emergency. It wasn’t the clinicians that failed; it was the system and training that failed them by making it hard to do the right things."

As a result of Martin’s tragedy, he founded the Clinical Human Factors Group, a charitable trust which aims to raise awareness, challenge and promote best practice around human factors.  Since inception the Group has promoted human factors at the highest levels in healthcare. This is the first time Martin has spoken to the veterinary profession about his experiences and insights. 


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