The Veterinary Human Factors Conference 24th-25th February 2022

The inaugural Veterinary Human Factors Conference in February 2021 welcomed over 500 delegates including a number from across the globe.

This year’s virtual conference built on that foundation.

With a jam-packed and interactive programme across two days, with debates, discussions, abstract presentations and highly interactive speakers, our 2022 conference was a huge success! 

It was exciting to see how the conversation had developed over the past year.  It is clear to us that the veterinary profession is embracing Human factors, and recognising its importance and relevance to veterinary practice.


If you missed it, it's not too late! You can still purchase a ticket to watch the recorded sessions via our virtual summit platform.  

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The very latest in Veterinary Human Factors


Research, collaboration and community are integral to furthering our understanding of Human Factors in veterinary medicine.

Therefore, we are delighted to host a diverse programme of abstract presentations and TED talks, debates and panel discussions from all those spearheading Human Factors in the Veterinary world. 

From the latest cutting-edge research to first-hand experience of implementing Human Factors tools in the workplace, these exclusive sessions will give you an insight into the forefront of Human Factors within veterinary medicine.


Dig deep into Human Factors and discover its immense importance for everyday practice


The Main Conference Day was filled with inspirational and expert speakers and panellists who are specialists in the world of performance, both in the veterinary field and beyond. 


Performance is something every veterinary team desires and strives for.  Every team and individual wants to do the best for their patients, but research demonstrates that performance is not so simple as “know more, do better”. 


Delve into the extensive evidence base for what makes a truly High Performing Team.  Hear from leaders in Human Factors from the veterinary profession itself, plus those at the forefront of organisations such as human healthcare, the military and professional sport where performance greatly matters.

Why Human Factors now?

Veterinary Human Factors is currently the hottest topic in the veterinary profession. 


After a stressful 18 months of COVID, veterinary practices are looking to recover and move forward positively their teams. 


With its long-established evidence base, Human Factors embraces everything non-clinical that supports High Performance – culture, communication, leadership, non-technical skills, continuous learning, psychological safety and much more. 


This conference takes the very best of the veterinary profession, brings them together in a melting pot of other high risk, high-performance individuals (from professional sport to human transplant medicine!) and asks, “what is it that helps us perform at the very peak of our potential?”.

Our delegates are the most forward-thinking and innovative leaders in the veterinary field, those prepared to think outside the box and challenge the norm.

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