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At VetLed, we believe that looking after your team is paramount. Ultimately, a well cared for and supported team look after your business and improve the veterinary care that you provide. 


We produce and promote campaigns that will improve the welfare of veterinary professionals and improve veterinary care in the UK and beyond.

At VetLed, we know the value of working together, and we like to lead by example.


  You can find out more here about the exciting groups that we are partnering with.  We hope to develop and grow innovation within the veterinary industry and provide resources for professional development, encouragement and growth.


We are committed to advancing the future of the veterinary profession, by supporting the individuals driving change and innovations. 

VetLed have collaborated with Lawrence Brown to bring to you Vet Mentors. 


We are all motivated to inspire and support the veterinary profession and have all personally benefited from the positive influence of mentors throughout our careers, and from reading numerous personal development and leadership books and blogs.


On a mission to provide a useful resource specifically for the veterinary profession, Lawrence was inspired by the idea of capturing and collating the lessons from his mentors learnt during their careers, and intrigued to discover what advice and insights they would pass on to their peers. The concept of Vet Mentors was born and VetLed are excited to collaborate with Lawrence to help bring this to life. 


Our Vet Mentors are a diverse range of members of our profession. We ask them all the same ten questions with a view to sharing gems of information from a varied and eclectic set of vets from across clinical and non-clinical roles.


Vet Mentors hopes to provide encouragement and inspiration to all, while often proving humorous, insightful and just a jolly good read.

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The WellVet Weekend is a not for profit social enterprise organised by VetLed and Vetsnet. 

Brought together by their passion for improving the wellbeing of veterinary professionals VetLed and Vetsnet are driven to make a positive difference to the lives of fellow vets and vet nurses.  

It’s alarming to hear that the number of veterinary professionals suffering with mental health issues is high and continues to increase year on year. Our mission at WellVet is to inspire and support vets and vet nurses to thrive. 


The WellVet Weekend is a chance for veterinary professionals to get together with like-minded people, to re-charge,

re-energise and to have fun! 


Vet Think Tank is a group of innovators within the veterinary industry with a desire to support and improve the veterinary profession.


Vet Think Tank meet together as a collective to collaborate on projects and develop ideas in an environment of trust and authenticity.  It is designed to support the person behind the project.

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