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At VetLed, we believe that looking after your team is paramount. Ultimately, a well cared for and supported team look after your business and improve the veterinary care that you provide. 


We produce and promote campaigns that will improve the welfare of veterinary professionals and improve veterinary care in the UK and beyond.

The VetLed HALT 2020 Campaign champions safe, efficient and effective veterinary care. HALT is an acronym that has been used in numerous contexts for decades. It serves as a simple tool that places the spotlight on some of the physical and mental elements commonly affecting wellbeing and performance:

H ungry and/or Thirsty

A nxious and/or Angry

L ate and/or Lonely

T ired

In 2018, with the support of Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital, we pioneered the veterinary HALT campaign, providing free literature and tailored support to any practice wishing to partake. 

As part of our ongoing focus on enhancing performance in practice, we have relaunched HALT for 2020 making our wide range of HALT materials available to all veterinary professionals nationwide. HALT is driven by our patient safety, human factors and strategic communications experts, with the aim of reinforcing the importance of physical and mental wellbeing within our profession.

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